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More Bush Crony Incompetence - Gonzales Mishandled Classified Docs

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Another day, another report of incompetence from Bush's band of merry minions. It seems former Attorney General Gonzales mishandled sensitve documents by taking them home with him.

Former Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales mishandled highly classified information relating to the National Security Agency’s wiretapping program and the administration’s prisoner interrogation program, an internal report concluded Tuesday.

The Justice Department inspector general, who investigated Mr. Gonzales’s handling of the documents, said he kept classified material at his home and in an office safe in violation of security procedures. The inspector general referred the matter to the national security division of the Justice Department for possible criminal action, but officials there declined to prosecute Mr. Gonzales.
Notice the important part of that quote, they declined to prosecute him.  Why?  Why is it that Bush's minions seem to escape prosecution for criminal activity?

He broke the rules, he took top secret documents home with him, so he could do what? Make copies? Alter them? Who knows.  That's precisely why it's a violation to do so. But of course he's a republican so he got away with it, instead of being prosecuted he just got sent home.

Also notice how this little story got no attention from MSM. I suspect that as the Bush presidency comes to an end, there will be more of these "little" stories trickling out bit by bit. But we will never notice because we will all be too distracted by Sarah Palin and her dysfunctional family...maybe Sarah Palin was not such a stupid pick afterall?

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