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Its Quayle ..., Miers ..., Sarah Palin

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Sarah Palin
Wow ... its all over the blogosphere and newspaper headlines. The Right Loves her, the Left Mocks her. The VP nominee for McCain - Sarah Palin. Is it possible that McCain confused his VP with picking his next wife?? So -that's the ticket! Beauty over Brains! A sportscaster over substance! The Old Man and the She!

McCain picked a former Beauty Queen as a trophy VP.
Sorry Romney, Pawlenty and Liberman - apparently, you 3 don't have what it takes to be McCain's running mate.

I have nothing against Sarah Palin (I just don't know her). From what I've read - she is a nice lady. She is a mother of 5 and Pro-Life. She gave birth to her son knowing he has Down's Syndrome. The State of Alaska loves her - an over 80% approval rating. So, being as that may - is she equipped to lead a country and the mess that we're in?

Hmmm? where does she stand on the main issues America and the World is dealing with? Nobody knows! No foreign Policy experience, no understanding of domestic crisis or national security, no lengthy political credentials. What is her political background?

She is the elected Governor of Alaska - but only been in that office for less than 2 years. Prior to being Governor, she was the Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska - population less than 8000. Wow - I knew student body Presidents that dealt with more students on campus than that town.
Oh - some fun fact, the population of Alaska is about 670,000 (US census bureau 2006est).

His selection seems kind of ill-informed and reactionary - but I digress.
It is all said and done. The Republicans have their new VP candidate. We'll hear more of her in the coming days and at the RNC.

Since Cheney has been pulling Bush's chain for 8 years, maybe McCain selected Palin to pull his chain if they take office!


0 # Guest 2008-08-29 14:49
I was going to leave a comment, but your post really doesn\'t need one
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0 # unfairGuest 2008-08-30 05:58
Comparing Palin to Quayle is unfair. We don\'t know a lot about her but her approval rating in Alaska says something about her abilities. We should wait to see if she is a better speller before passing judgment.

Anyway, it is an interesting race once again!
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0 # Guest 2008-08-30 06:13
You know,

I was at home sick yesterday and watched the announcement, her speech, and the talking heads all day long, whose comments you are echoing pretty closely.

Here\'s what I know:
1. She took on and fought the good ole boy network in Alaska. She took down an incumbent governor of the same party in the primary, she got a corrupt attorney general fired. She got a corrupt US Senator out of office.

2. She reaches across both aisles and puts democrats and independents in high positions in her government.

3. She understands Energy Policy like no other in Washington as Alaska is an Energy State.

4. She does not cave to the oil interests in Alaska and taxed them at a greater rate so she could return $1200 in gas taxes per person to the people of Alaska.

5. Russia borders Alaska across the very narrow Bering Sea. How ignorant of foreign policy can she be?

Let\'s be fair and wait and see.
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0 # Regina\'s Family SeasonsGuest 2008-08-30 14:05
I think this was a very well thought out, calculated, and bold move by McCain, Whether or not it works still remains to be seen. But I say score 1 for the Republicans. :woohoo:
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0 # Considering The LiliesGuest 2008-08-31 08:02
What a simple minded way to look at the Vice Presidential pick... \"Is it possible that McCain confused his VP with picking his next wife?? So -that\'s the ticket! Beauty over Brains! A sportscaster over substance! The Old Man and the She!\" YOUR REMARKS ARE OUTRAGEOUS AND SEXIST!

Have you looked at her record? Do you know anything about her? I find it amazing that the left automatically starts attacking her looks. After all, they were the ones just accusing McCain of not being in favor of women\'s rights. They are the ones who claim to be all about equality.

Imagine if the Right jumped on Obama\'s pick that way. ~Perhaps, Obama thought Biden was hot, and since he\'s probably gay, he must have based his pick on their \"Chemistry\"!~ There is no way anybody could get away with that kind of commentary. And why should they? It is disgusting and LOW to make such remarks.

And don\'t even get me started on your \"she has no experience argument.\" Have a look in the mirror DNC!

Sounds to me like some people are grasping at straws.......
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0 # Guest 2008-08-31 16:21
Dear iss Vicki - I would say my Remarks are more cynical (because Cynicism is an unpleasant way of telling the truth).

Grasping At Straws - you say?! Before Friday, nobody knew who Ms Sarah Palin was - unless you lived in that little town of \'Mayberry\' Alaska.
You probably didn\'t know who she was - but now, because she aligns with your politics, viewpoints and beliefs (like many of the conservatives)- immediately she\'s qualify?? Her nickname is barracuda - again- qualifications?

She was Google\'s #1 search this past Friday because - nobody knew anything about her.
On Friday- the top items we could equate Palin to was guns, babies and Jesus.
And because you may think she can \'command\' the politics of Alaska (population less than 700,000) - does that truly qualify her to be VP - just a mere heartbeat away for the Presidency?

And damn Yes, she\'s a GOP eyecandy (all liberals and conservatives in the blogosphere have agreed). Even Rush Limbaugh said \"we\'re the ones with a babe on the ticket\". So we\'re ALL sexist!

The one thing I do agree with the comments is - we have to wait and see how she does in the coming days, how she handles herself in the electoral pressure cooker and yes - I am looking forward to watching the debates.

Oh - when you speak about simple-minded ... of ALL the \'qualified\' candidates in the Republican party to lead a country as a VP, to face the turmoils in Iraq, Iran, Russia, North Korea, etc - McCain selected Palin?!

And it is simple-minded to think that all Hillary supporters are blinded by the issue of gender, will vote for a woman over a man just because she\'s a woman.

But I digress, I have known many conservatives who would vote for a candidate simply because he/she is Prolife and Nothing else.
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0 # Considering The LiliesGuest 2008-09-01 04:33
Actually, I DID know who she was, well in advance of the pick. I was hoping she would be the pick, and was very pleased with the announcement. There was a grassroots movement supporting her candidacy. These things don\'t happen \"out of the blue\" even though the news media wasn\'t in on the decision.

Just because you had never heard of her, doesn\'t mean much. Some people actually follow politics and are educated on the issues, candidates, and even the states and their governors!

You said: \"On Friday- the top items we could equate Palin to was guns, babies and Jesus.\" If you actually think you can pass this quote off as cynicism, instead of bigoted sexism, you are more ignorant than I thought.

Please tell me how Obama is more qualified than Palin. Please.....
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0 # Guest 2008-09-01 11:24
I agree. I keep hearing from the left about Ms. Palin\'s lack of experience. However, I don\'t see where Obama has substantially more.

Besides which, experience does not always equal wisdom. How much did Ronald Reagan have before becoming president? He did a good job.

I would rather have a wise newbie than an idiot career politician. A wise person would surround themselves with experienced, intelligent staff to overcome weaknesses in their own abilities.
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0 # Guest 2008-09-02 18:25
Qualifications: Palin vs. obama (
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0 # Bristol Palin Is a WhoreGuest 2008-09-01 08:21
Palin\'s 17-year-old daughter is pregnant, leading conservatives, like myself, to call for pushing her under the bus--the mother, not the daughter; the daughter should be stoned, and not in the fun drug way, but in the scary Leviticus way.

How can we trust the future of this country to someone who can\'t even control her own children? This is a disgrace! John McCain needs to kick her off the ticket immediately before her sluttiness spreads and destroys our pure and pristine party of Jesus.
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0 # Guest 2008-09-01 11:18

I too am a Christian and a conservative. Leviticus is old testament thinking. Jesus would say not to judge lest you be judged. Any child can make a mistake.

Sarah Palin is supporting her daughter, not judging. I think that speaks well of her and does not require punishment.
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0 # Guest 2008-09-01 11:57
Does it speak well of Palin as a mother to allow her daughter to be thrown to the media wolves?

She knew her daughter was pregnant when she accepted the VP nod.

I would think a \"good\" mom who cared about her sensitive 17 year old daughter would turn the job down to keep her daughter out of the limelight and handle the situation privately as a family. There is no privacy when you are running for VP.
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0 # Lie Down with DogsGuest 2008-09-01 12:07
Leviticus may be old school, but we Republicans whip it out more than Larry Craig at an airport men\'s room. Look, lie down with dogs, get up with puppies. I now heard a rumor that this pregnancy is all a ruse to cover up the incest and rape by her father. Now that\'s keeping it all in the family!
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0 # Guest 2008-09-01 12:51
We Republicans? I don\'t remember asking you to speak for me.
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0 # Guest 2008-09-02 07:48
Well if I don\'t speak for you, someone should cut off your balls so you don\'t pollute the Republican gene pool.
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0 # Guest 2008-09-02 12:52
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Hahahahhahahaha haha!
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0 # What a Month can revealGuest 2008-09-27 15:24
Since the announcement of Palin as VP pick - I wonder how many of you feel about her TODAY.
Its been almost a month now - and reading these past comments, I wonder - do you still have the same confidence in Ms Palin as you did a month ago?

She has only given 3 Network Interviews and one media availablility with traveling reporters in NYC (and not that it matters but Biden has given nearly 100 interviews and press meetings since being picked as VP).

We\'ve been given a taste of her knowledge and background in Foreign Policy and Domestic Issues. Do you still feel she is FULLY qualified to take office?

I wonder how she would answer questions about National Security? Maybe, she shot down a charging caribou and skinned it - there you have it!
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