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Jesse Keep The Hating Down To A Minimum

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Did Jesse apologize or did he just say he was sorry for causing a distraction to the Obama camp? Jesse Jackson’s remarks towards Barack Obama earlier this week stem from Obama comments during a Father Day speech in which Obama was critical about absent fathers to their children in the African American community. Is Jesse Hating on Barack Obama or is Jesse just keep Barry Obama, Barack altered ego in check, but “cut his nuts off”, Jesse what was that? It has been whispered about in many barbershops, family dinner tables, and corner bars. Is Barack Obama black enough to win or is he too Black not to win? Rev Jackson remarks were irresponsible tactless, and shameful; however does one not have the right to disagree with a person on an issue even though they are a supporter? Barack has been criticize before about being condescending and a bit of an elitist. Now I am not sure what people want? Barack appeal to me is that he has a more than impressive educational resume. His clean cut image put many conservative democrats as well as some down right bigots at ease. Now because he speaks well, carries himself in a decent manor he’s not Black enough? I don’t understand this? However this too causes a dilemma in the black community. Barack denounced and distances himself from Rev Wright after the ultraconservative media dissected the many of the minister’s speeches. Many people in the African American community thought that Barack should have stood by Rev Wright in the wake of the media attack, and not bail out on a long time mentor and friend. Others site Barack lack of enthusiasm during the wake on the Jena 6 trial in Louisiana. Whether or not you think Barack is the best choice for President you cant deny his credentials. He brings a breath of fresh air to the morose old-boy politics of the past. Because Barack speaks well, carries himself in a decent manor he’s not Black enough? I don’t understand. Hey Jesse the next time you have a disagreement on a policy make sure you do a mic check, and if you don’t want to apologize don’t apologize. Keep it real Jesse. We don’t have to all get along to go along. Now memo to Barack be yourself they are going to either like you or not. Don’t try to please all of the people it will never work. The President only needs to act Presidential. Represent you and don’t be a phony and that will ensure a real change in Presidential politics.

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