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John McCain Hates Bloggers

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John McCain hates bloggers.  Well, guess what?  The feeling is mutual.  McSame once again, just like the guy he emulates, opens mouth and inserts foot infront of rolling cameras.

No one should be surprised. He's a hothead and a loudmouth, just what this country needs in a time of economic, poliitcal, and war crisis...someone who can't control themselves.

And for him to make enemies with bloggers...well that's just stupid. Because we will just dig up every unsavory thing about him (which is not that hard) and post about it, again, and again, and again.

Maybe that is what McCain's beef with bloggers is about.  That we can write what we want, when we want...there are no editors, no big money bosses to say: "Oh no, you can write that about a presidential candidate, especially a republican one, they pay the rent here.  It doesn't matter if it's true.  Make it disappear!"

Bloggers can't easily be bought off, and don't readily drink the kool-aid...and if a few do, no matter...there will be a hundred more tomorrow to fill their spot.

Blog on!

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