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Remember back in 2004 when senator John Kerry ran against Bush for the White House - the biggest line used by the GOP (over and over) was how much flip-flopping Kerry have done. It was constantly and conveniently brought up to smear Kerry's position.
"A candidate for President who flip-flops on so many social issues is not equipped to run the country." The term was so popularized - I kept hearing from my Republican co-workers.
Flip-flopping was so connected to Kerry even after he lost the '04 election - someone said to me that if Kerry was President during Katrina - all Kerry would do was pass out flip-flops to the victims.

Now comes Mitt Romney -
Isn't funny that now we have a Republican candidate that too have a long list of changing his position/beliefs (ie. abortion for one) - conveniently changing to meet the majority's beliefs of his constituents. However, the GOP and all his supporters would never use the term "flip-flopping"! Oh no - Mitt Romney (and other Republicans like him) is just Evolving!

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Well - I keep an open mind.
The Mormon Church have been known to "Flip-Flop" on their interpretation of the doctrine. If the Word of God can change - why can't a presidential candidate??
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