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Positive Affirmations

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    Spoken words become reality when one faces life’s reality. Humanity all of human kind wants the same. Humanitarian we all should sport its name. Develop are thoughts and pattern them as one, wishful thinking, wishful thinking, wishful thinking. We lust for one another, sister to sister brother to brother. One man, one woman together builds a community a strong nation. Spiritual immunity cultural solidarity. Revolutionaries, no need for revolutionaries? Wasn’t Christ a revolutionary? Visionaries with the knowledge to teach. Great orators quiet please let me hear them speak. Today is not promised and tomorrow will never come. It’s not my will but thine will be done. This kingdom, where does it lie? The heaven that’s in our hearts must connect with our minds provide positive influences through your words and actions let this manifest to your friends and your foes.

Klaude Mckay

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