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One night in Philly

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           One night in Philadelphia Jake breezed into the waiters’ quarters in Market Street, looking for Ray.  It was late.  Ray was in bed.  Jake pulled him up. “Come on outa that, you slacker.  Let’s go over to North Philly.” “What for?” “A li’l’ fun.  I knows a swell outfit I wanta show you.” “Anything new?”Don’t know about anything new, chappie, but I know there’s something good right there in Fifteenth Street.”  “Oh, I know all about that.  I don’t want to go.” “Come on.  Don’t be so particular about you’ person.  You gotta go with me.” “I have a girl in New York.” “Tha’s awright.  This is Philly.” “I’ll tell you, Jake, there’s no fun in those kinds for me.  They’ll bore me just like that night in Baltimore.” “Oh, these her am different chippies, I tell you.  Come on, le’s spend the night away from this damn dump.  Wese laying ovah all day tomorrow.” “And some of them will say such rotten things.  Pretty enough, all right, but their mouths are loaded with filth, and that’s what gets me.” “Them’s different ovah there, chappie.  I’ll kiss the Bible on it.  Come on, now.  It’s no fun me going alone.”

This is an exsert from the original Claude Mckay's best-selling novel "Home to Harlem"
Circa 1928.  A must read, check it out if you get a chance.

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