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Wife confesses to cheating on TV game show

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This is the most callous thing I have seen in a long time.  This woman...and I use the term lightly confesses to sleeping with another man on a TV game show.

The game show is called Moment of Truth, where contestants are asked a series of embarrasing questions in front of friends and family...the more they answer truthfully the more money they win.  Sounds like a recipie for someone to be really humiliated right?  Well watch this:

The husband is a NYC police officer. You can only imagine how that's going to play out in the squad room. Why she didn't quit while she was ahead is beyond me...methinks she wanted to confess on TV...I also think she wanted to grab as much $$ as possible so she could leave after she confessed. Oh well guess that didn't work out for her...funny the question she got wrong isn't it?


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