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God and Conjoin Twins

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Someone help me out with this!
Christians not only believe there is one true God, but they believe wholeheartedly that He is a personal and loving God! He has His hands in every individual's life. Omnipotent and everlasting. Anyone can communicate with Him through acceptance and prayer. However, I am very puzzled with the God of Creation and the increase birth of conjoin twins. These births are products of a single egg that for unknown reasons fail to divide fully into identical twins.

The one scripture all Christians have used to debate against Abortion is Psalm 139:13-14:

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

My post here is not to debate about Abortion, but I like to know and understand how Christians explain the high incidence of Conjoin twins born here in the US and all around the world? They say 1 in every 200 deliveries of identical twins would be conjoined.

I completely understand and accept the science behind Conjoin Twins:

Scientists believe conjoined twins form because of a delay in the fertilized egg's division. In normal identical twins, the egg splits at four to eight days after fertilization. In conjoined twins, however, the split occurs sometime after day 13. Instead of forming two separate embryos, the twins remain partially attached as they develop inside the womb. In most cases, conjoined twins do not survive more than a few days past birth because of a high rate of malformed organs and other severe birth abnormalities. However, surgical separations have been successful in conjoined twins that have a superficial physical connection.

Conjoined twins are commonly referred to as Siamese twins, although this is now considered a derogatory term. The phrase Siamese twins originated from the famous conjoined twins Eng and Chang Bunker, who were born in Siam (Thailand) in 1811.

Some conjoined twins are attached at the upper body, others may be joined at the waist and share a pair of legs. Conjoined twins often share major organs such as a heart, liver, or brain. Medical experts have identified several types of conjoined twins. They are classified according to the place their bodies are joined. Most of the terms contain the word pagus, which means "fastened" in Greek.

But how do you explain God's interaction and works?
If God is a God of Love and every child is selectively handmade and sculpted in the likeness of God, why is God creating conjoin twins?
Why would God create 2 children, if not separated, will become a visual spectacle of sympathy, pity, bewilderment and even disgust?????

How much can Christians blame the environment or the mother's health for the causes of conjoin twins? We know many birth defects and diseases can be contributed from the environment.

There are some Christians out there who don't believe in medical intervention, what do they do if they produce a conjoin twin?

And when conjoin twins are born, I know every reasonable parent (Christians and non-believers alike) would agree to separate them if there is no risk to the health of both child. Why would Christians do that if God created them just as they are? And if separating them would be lethal to both child, the only option is to raise them and accept them just as they are (as in the case of Dicephalus: Twins that share one body, but have two separate heads and necks). So to sum it up, conjoin twins is undesirable and should be corrected. But if it can't be corrected, accept them, raise them and love them just the way they are!

I am always fascinated with how Christians explain the works of God and how He sees our world.
Christians have been able to come up with explanations as to why God created children born with diseases, defects and even death at birth. I personally would like to know how they explain births of conjoin twins.

If God can create children that are "physically undesirable" and yet they are still accepted as God's creations, why is it that Christians don't believe that God can create homosexuality - another 'undesirable trait' by their definition?

With Christians - they just seem to pick and choose what they think and believe as God's will and plan! And if its in contradiction, they'll circumvent the scriptures to defend their beliefs.


+1 # All are God\'s CreationcaseyJones 2009-08-02 17:34
Yes, if God can create conjoined twins, Hutchinson
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0 # God and Conjoined TwinsGuest 2010-12-09 00:20
Depending on the severity of conjoined twins. they can be seperated. Ex. if a person is born with a hanging fetus, then the child may be cut off. If the fetus is actually functioning, prepare for this..... Its for a miracle ! Were not arguing about if God is fair or unfair, were talking about conjoined twins. There was a man in the bible who was born blind from birth, and when jesus passed by his desciples asked him, whose sin was it that made this man blind his or his parents, and jesus said neither its for the Glordy of God and healed. Meaning nobody can heal him, and ppl assumed well its because of sin, but it wasnt, so we cant assume, or figure things out ourselves, were living in a world who is trying to live without God. Another example the woman who had the issue of blood, meaning a never ending period. she bled, daily for years and no doctor can help her. but she believed tho, that if she could even touch jesus garment, just the very hem, the tip she would be healed because of how loving and who he was, she did it. and jesus was like wait, somebody touched me.... mind you there was like a million people touching him, like a rap star in the middle of an entrance to a show. and his desciple said, you got to be kidding me theres alot of people touching you. but he said no... someone touched me. he felt the power, he felt the love, the faith she had.... someone touched him but internally, spiritually...... with that said.... conjoined twins is an act of God waiting to explode and show people how real and how deap he really is that he can touch the most profound parts of your life. the part no one can help you with. the part that is perplexed. the part people ignorantly assume but really dont know. i dont know if that answered your question but it sure answered mine.... i was just thinking about this from a special on tv about conjoined twins.
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0 # RE: God and Conjoin TwinsGuest 2010-12-09 08:26
I understand that our finite minds can never comprehend the infinite God! So a blind man and a woman with never-ending period. OK
If sin was the cause of these "undesirable traits" from birth, should society vilify them? Cast stones at them?
Why is it so difficult for Christians to believe this other "undesirable trait" - homosexuality - can be inherited and not a choice? Why do Christians vilify Gay men & women with strong passion and disgust? Society do literally throw stones at this group. The Hatred is visible and always fed by the religious right!

If your response is to say - "being Gay is a Choice" - then you are out of touch and this debate will have to change.
IF it is a choice - then you must agree, ADULTERY is also a choice. Adultery is detested by God and mentioned more times in the Bible - more than homosexuality. Yet Christians quickly forgive the many adulterers in America today - especially if the sinner is a devout Christian or a Republican. Even the Bible says adulterers should be put to death, that ain't happening! I know several Gay Christians - they too are cast in the fiery pit of disgust.

Bottomline is, Christians pick and choose scriptures to be inline with their personal feelings and bias agenda.
Christians also wants a group to hate just to make themselves feel superior and righteous!
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0 # RE: God and Conjoin TwinsDreamy 2014-03-05 04:25
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