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Christmas December 25th changed

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Why Christmas should be changed to reflex the pagans as well the religion sector. The date December 25th has no baring on the day that Jesus was born, if you were to check history its widely thought that his birth date is some where between March 25th and April 25th. The word Christmas comes from the early English phrase Christes Masse.

Furthermore up until the fourth century the birth of the Christian savior was celebrated on the sixth of January at was changed to December 25th because of the winter solstice which was erroneously assigned to the 25th of December was celebrated as the birthday of the sun and that festal lights or fire were kindled on this joyful occasion. (thus lights as decoration in houses) Quite frankly throughout history there are many virgin bon gods who sacrificed themselves. i.e. Krishna of India, Hours of Egypt Tammuz of Babylonia Bacchus of Greece, Adonis of Syria and Yu of  China ,but that another story for later.

Scholars believe that the apostles in the Bible predicted that some of the new found Christians would adopt pagan beliefs to enable them to make their religion more acceptable to the other traditions around. The church chose the date of this pagan celebration to interest them in Christianity.

 December 25 is an unlikely date for His birth.  Whether you believed Jesus was born in Bethlehem or Nazareth, It is very cold in December, much too cold to for shepherds to be in the fields (Luke 2:8-12). Shepherds were not in the fields in the winter. They are in the fields early in March until early October.

Truth is there is no definitive research that has been done to determine the actual date of the birth of Jesus Christ.  So as you sit down and enjoy your Christmas tradition this December 25th ask yourself: I am celebrating Christ-Mass, Christes Masse, Xmas, The Winter Solstice, or some other pagan tradition.

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