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Is Republican Party Dead ?

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 The Big Bad Elephant in the room is in danger of collapsing. The Big Bad GOP Machine of fiscal conservatives, national security conservatives, anti-tax activists and social conservatives are coming apart at the seams. The epitaph for the demised has started.

The Republicans through their social, economic, and political practices has some how divided their own base and damaged the Republican Party including its conservative ideology. George W. Bush is the face of that failure, but there are many key contributors that help architect the republicans’ demise. Donald Rumsfeld Secretary of Defense, Hank Paulson, Treasury Secretary and man behind the new wave GOP machine puppet master   Karl Rove will go down in history as key players in this debacle.

Let take a look inside, the tangible damage to the social, support, and political systems of the Party by established Republicans that have defined the values of Republicans for years has caused the chink in the armor of the party and possible inevitable demise of the Republican Party.

  Why is it the Republicans were so easily outmaneuvered by Democrats? First off, know the landscape. The Democrats understand the lay of the land. They understand that America has become a real melting pot. Change from that Norman Rockwell painting of America to more of an Ernie Barnes vision. Know that your base is shrinking. The ultra conservative Republican is a thing of the past. Why is it so difficult for Republicans to advance their policy agenda? Old boy politics. Sarah Palin energized your base not because she was this great political strategist, by no means would any one accuse her of that, but because she was a fresh new face. Come out of your comfort zone Elephant or your party will die out like your predecessors the Whig Party.                                                                      

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