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The Gaping Hole known as Palin’s Mouth

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McCain is an erratic old fool floundering in the public hemisphere sleep walking his way through this presidential election. The straight talking express threw his ‘country first’ credo under the bus when he picked the Governor of Alaska to be his VP.

The vindictive nastiness of the governor is exceeded only by her ego and her narrow view of the world. Apparently anything can be learned on the stump when pimping a chump for president. This election is not so much about McCain as it is about Sarah Palin. It is her entre onto the national stage and McCain has been reduced to the backup choir with no second act. Regrettably he has given birth and center stage to another right wing nut whose bright light has so over shadowed him as to make him useless.

McCain’s vain attempt to introduce vigor into his fledgling campaign by bringing on the governor has rendered him impotent now and in the future. The bright light he saw in Sarah Palin was in fact a train coming straight at him.


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