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Gay Old Friend Turned Gay Republican

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gay republican

Well, the Election is over and Obama won his second term. Of all my online debates/arguments I've had about Obama vs Romney, none other was so tragically enigmatic than an argument via Facebook with an old gay 'friend' named Ray who turned out to be a Gay Republican. Beyond belief was his point of view describing why Obama is WORSE than Romney applying ALL Fox News talking points.
Here is a snippet of the finale when his head exploded into one belligerent tirade.

To ALL of You, Obama has GREATLY DISSAPOINTED myself and {name removed}. We voted for him in 2008 but instead of the so-called "Hope and Change" that he promised us he DID NOT UNITE THIS COUNTRY, i.e., his Class Warfare and Partisan Politics; he did NOT balanced the budget, instead he kept borrowing from China and the U.S.Taxpayers and giving it away to so-called "Arab Spring" countries such as Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria. And his FAILED "Green Jobs" and "Shovel-Ready Jobs" which cost the Taxpayers in the TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS, i.e., Solyndra, A 1-2-3 Batteries Corp.,etc. A whopping 23 MILLION AMERICANS UNEMPLOYED and MILLIONS more on Food Stamps and Welfare. And what of that "FAST AND FURIOUS" ops? A U.S.Border Patrol is DEAD bec. of the Obama Whitehouse cover up and delaying tactics to Congress in UNCOVERING THE REAL TRUTH. Oh and BTW, Obama's FAILED FOREIGN POLICIES esp. the COVER UP AND LIES HE TOLD ABOUT THE U.S. EMBASSY IN LIBYA WHEN HE KNEW WITHIN 24 HOURS THAT IT WAS A TERRORIST ATTACK ON 9/11/2012 AND NOT A PROTEST/DEMONSTRATION DUE TO A YOUTUBE VID CLIP? 4 AMERICANS DIED AT OUR U.S.EMBASSY IN LIBYA BEC. OF OBAMA'S INABILITY TO RESPOND TO THE "ARAB SPRING" TERRORISTS! And for the U.S.President to go in front of the UNITED NATIONS ASSEMBLY and apologize and admit to the WHOLE WORLD that it was NOT A TERRORIST ATTACK?! YES INDEED, MITT ROMNEY IS A MUCH BETTER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE THAN BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA! SO PLEASE, ESP. TO MICHAEL {last name removed}, DO NOT WASTE MY TIME ANYMORE ABOUT TRYING TO CONVINCE ME THAT YOUR LYING OBAMA IS BETTER THAN GOV.MITT ROMNEY BEC. I'VE MADE UP MY MIND AND IT'S GOING TO BE MITT ROMNEY AND PAUL RYAN ON NOV.6TH, 2012!

Yes - he was SHOUTING!
Notice his rant was all anti-Obama and not pro-Romney?!
And he unfriended many of his Gay friends from his FB account and made it public.


Wow, what a pompous arrogant SOB. Some of these friends have known Ray for years - just to be dismissed because of his hard-stance, soapbox politics. And to have an ego by addressing "family & friends that you are an invited guest" as to think, we should all be 'privledge' to be your friend. Ray honey, you are not Cher nor Lady Gaga, get over yourself.
You are a skinny, sagging, unattractive, filipino NOBODY who lives somewhere out in rural Florida with no social life and with a "It's complicated" overweight, reclusive, borderline "Ted Kaczynski" partner (or is he just your landlord now?). 

Ray, I believe you have every right to pick who you feel is the better candidate and vote for him or her. But to be "in your face", belligerent just because many of your gay friends disagrees with you and to reject them publicly on your FB wall. Not cool. For every negative talking point you attack our current President, there is equally more negativity for your man Romney's record, policies and history. Romney is not the sweet darling of the Conservative party nor for the middle class - he does not support you!

The argument your gay friends were trying to convey to you is that - Obama has advanced the rights for every Gay American, more than any other President in US History. But Romney has made it known he will pander to the religious rightwing nutjobs to overturn and eviscerate many rights for the Gay community. Which President is out for your best interest as a Gay individual living in the United States?

Well, it doesn't matter anymore, Obama won and your FB wall is politically quiet now.
After all is said and done with your bombastic rhethoric - how lame and pathetic it was to find out that you Ray, can't even vote! You are not a US citizen - you only have a green card.

So now, I delete you from my FB page!


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