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ICE: In Case of Emergency

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I received this via email from a friend ... It is Not a bad idea. It should be National!

We all carry our mobile phones with names & numbers stored in the memory. If we were to be involved in an accident or were taken ill, the people attending us would have our mobile phone but wouldn't know who to call.

Holiday Gift Card Caution

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I received this information via email ... not sure how much is true, but I remember last Christmas receiving a Sharper Image Gift Card and found out the company had filed Chapter 11 and close all its stores.

South Street Philly

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south street

South Street is one of Philadelphia's tourist attraction - it has been equated as an outdoor city mall. It has a bohemian atmosphere with a variety of shops and restaurants.

My Margarita Recipe

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Is it time for Happy Hour? Here's my favorite recipe for a cool Margarita!

Remove that Tattoo without Lasers

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For those of you out there with tatto buyer's remorse, there is a new method for making your permanent decision less so. Tattoo removal using an injected cream, no lasers involved.

The Ren Building

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This is the Chinese sign for 'The People'.
When you think of Modern World Class Architecture - China should be at the top of that list!
Today, take a look at the skyline of Shanghai - what amazing architecture. It is more a work of art than construction. There is a new building proposal in the works  - and it is scheduled for completion before the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. It is called the Ren Building.

New Zealand Adventure Ends

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Our wonderful trip to New Zealand has now come to an end and we are travelling back to the States. At Wellington Botanical Gardens, I was able to see up front and personal the plant and symbol of NZ - the Koru. I snapped a picture of this indigenous plant.
What a great country. I enjoyed my trip immensely. Can I retire here? I probably can!

Hike Up Mount Victoria

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mount Victoria
I guess I know why they call Wellington as San Francisco Twin City. We decided to hike up the highest peak of Wellington - Mount Victoria. It was a workout - all hills. Along the way, you can see these fabulous homes built on a slope - very similar to San Francisco. And what a view of central Wellington as you walk up. And I can imagine the price of real estate directly proportional to each ascension up to Mt. Victoria.

Wellington - the Capital

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The Swirl is spending 3 days in Wellington - the Capital of NZ and the seat of government. They call Wellington as San Francisco Twin City. This city is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city at the southern tip of the North Island. This is the main city that borders the north and the south islands. We are staying in a Hotel close to Oriental Bay Beach. This area is packed with tourists and locals.

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