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Gay Old Friend Turned Gay Republican

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gay republican

Well, the Election is over and Obama won his second term. Of all my online debates/arguments I've had about Obama vs Romney, none other was so tragically enigmatic than an argument via Facebook with an old gay 'friend' named Ray who turned out to be a Gay Republican. Beyond belief was his point of view describing why Obama is WORSE than Romney applying ALL Fox News talking points.
Here is a snippet of the finale when his head exploded into one belligerent tirade.

The Thank You Card Syndrome

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thank you card

Cheap versus Frugal. Part 2. <this is my rant > 
I have a 60+ year old sister (now an ex-family member) who is UNBELIEVABLY CHEAP!
If she is reading this, I want to say to her face, "you are a TIGHTWAD C*NT!" 
Friends, family and mutual cohorts have shared with me their experiences with my cheap, selfish, greedy sister. Even as a millionaire, she will not show true generosity but have absolutely no problem taking, accepting and even imposing generosity from others. She is a hopeless case! 


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What is it? Its a kitchen cutting board. CORRECTION, its 1/2 of a USED cutting board and it was my 1999 housewarming gift from my sister. But wait, there is a novelty to this priceless gift. I was given this half and she owns the other half, 2 halves makes a whole - giving this gift "value" in her eyes. Now how do you define my sister? Is she cheap or is she frugal?

Planned Parenthood: 5 Myths

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What is and what is not about Planned Parenthood. Of course, the only thing anyone hear in the news concerning PP is the Right to Life debate or the battle against abortion. Donald Trump - take note. The ProLife stance here is to remove the woman's right to Privacy or the woman's right to an abortion. PP is more than just abortion (which functions less than 5%). It is sex and fertility education, access to birth control, HIV tests, HPV Vaccines, breast cancer exams, etc. PP is an essential resource and health services for women of all ages, race, religion, income status, etc. But it is negatively plagued by Religious Conservatives.

Sin, Lies and Adoption: My Quest for the Truth

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The Realization
One of the most important and common prohibitions that spans all cultures is against lying.  Lying is a sin.  Lies distort reality, destroy lives, and steal futures.  For the last 44 years, I have been living a lie. A lie constructed purely for the convenience and egos of the two adults that were supposed to love and protect me, my mother and father.

Building Your Nestegg and Wealth for 2011

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Another year has passed and you're another year older. Still trying to climb that ladder of success and prosperity? In politics, the rhetoric that giving tax break to the wealthiest 5% of Americans will filter down to you and I is a total myth. "Trickle-down" economics, preached by politicians, does not and will not boost economic growth and income for the rest of the American population. You alone, are the only one that can help boost your own wealth. Here is a helpful article: 9 ways to build Wealth in 2011:

Biblical Value Shockers

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Christians - brace yourself. Believers all agree that the Bible was written by Men who were inspired by God .... therefore the Bible is the infallible Word of God - unchanging throughout history - past, present and future..Well, biblical scholars have dug into the scriptures to find how inappropriate and anti-family values these Words really are - Today.

Embrace Your Inner Geekness

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Today (Tuesday) is "Embrace Your Geekness Day!" Eyeglasses and pocket protectors rule! Forget those jocks! Geeks are smart, genuine, authentic, harmless, humble, sensitive, technical and now exploited! One of the famous and richest Geeks in this country built the Microsoft empire! We geeks bow down to Mr. Gates!

Porn Sites Gets Its Own Domain

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Finally - a top level domain for all adult entertainment websites: dot XXX. This is one attempt from the ICANN Corp to "clean up" the world wide web naming convention.

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