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New iPad 2 March 2011 Release

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The new iPad 2 has been launched but will be released to the public on March 11.

With the original iPad and the iPhone 4, Apple allowed individuals to place pre-orders online or to reserve a device for in-store pickup. With iPad 2, Apple is eschewing the pre-order game.

Instead, the iPad 2 will be available via at some point early Friday, and in retail stores starting at 5:00pm. Online reports indicate that sales will start at 12:01am PST on March 11, 2011. East coast buyers, set your clocks for 3am.

At, users can choose between white or black variants in Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + 3G. Users can select either Verizon or AT&T for their Wi-Fi + 3G unit.

Apple promises "fast, free shipping," which indicates they are using 2-day Fed Ex or UPS. Depending on when an order goes through, it's possible users could get units on Monday March 14, 2011.

We'll be realistic and expect that most users who place an order on Friday will receive their packages on Tuesday March 15, 2011. Like Caesar, you'll need to watch for the Ides of March.

Apple retail stores will begin selling the iPad 2 at 5:00pm. Typically, Apple shuts down its stores for a few hours prior to launch in order to get signage, inventory and staff in place.

Models, colors, carriers

There are eighteen different iPad 2 units: the nine listed below, available in either black or white.

-- iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi: $499.00

-- iPad 2 32GB Wi-Fi: $599.00

-- iPad 2 64GB Wi-Fi: $699.00

-- iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi+3G Verizon: $629.00

-- iPad 2 32GB Wi-Fi+3G Verizon: $729.00

-- iPad 2 64GB Wi-Fi+3G Verizon: $829.00

-- iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi+3G AT&T: $629.00

-- iPad 2 32GB Wi-Fi+3G AT&T: $729.00

-- iPad 2 64GB Wi-Fi+3G AT&T: $829.00


Cost the same as the first one.
Damn! And I just bought the first one Christmas eve last year. With technology, one can never keep up.

And here are the latest features:
1. front-and-back camera
2. lighter and thinner
3. HDMI out 
4. more future-proof (the Ipad 2 is suppose to be good for the next 2 years) 

Reasons why not to buy it if you have the original:
1. the current iPad is good enough for all your regular use and play all your apps
2. its a minor upgrade if the camera is not your thing
3. what is another 2 years - wait til iPad 3 comes out
4. plenty of competition of tablets out there - it will force Apple to improve when their version is released


0 # RE: New iPad 2 March 2011 Releaselucy 2011-04-17 16:56
Cna't believe just 3 months after i purchased the first IPad, this got released. pffft!
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