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LG Refrigerator Cartridges

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LG Replacement Cartridge for your new stainless refrigerator. 

Everything Obama 2009

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obama merchandise

America embraces our 44th President! Hope has come! Take a part of History and Celebrate!

Obama Collectible Coins

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obama coin
A colorized portrait of President-Elect Barack Obama has been added to the front of a genuine legal tender U.S. presidential dollar. A Campaign Collectible!

Autumn Getaways

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autumn fall
Summer 2008 has ended - lets welcome the Fall! Not sure about you, but traveling is one of my greatest enjoyments. I love to see the color changes in landscape during a road trip.

We Will Never Forget

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Patriots Day This is Patriot Day!
Seven Years Ago, our nation was attacked. They did not come by military force nor by nuclear missles. They were among us. We were already infected. A ticking timebomb that exploded on September 11. This has marked the Day where all Americans unite and remember the Fallen - our Heroes!

Digital Voice Recorder

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tape recorder
Remember having one of these back in the 70's-80's? You pop in a cassette tape and record music from the radio or a classroom lecture. You have to press down both the play and record button to start recording. Times have changed!

Philips 7-inch LCD Digital Photo Frame

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LCD Photo Frame
Wow! Photographs have certainly come a long way since I was a child. Everything is now digital! Print Photographs are becoming obsolete. Make wave for the new electronic frame photo albums. Depending on the memory size, you can keep hundreds of your e-photographs and displayed them as a slideshow. I've seen these in the stores for some time now but never seen displayed in someone's home until this weekend. It was certainly a conversation piece.

Clic Magnetic Eyewear

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The hottest New Wave in Eyeglasses! These glasses have a patented magnetic closure at the bridge of the lens frame. It is now easy to remove your glasses without misplacing them. Sweet!
They come in Readers, sunglasses, goggles and eyeprotection.

Bush's Last Day T-Shirt

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Patience - It will soon be here. The end of Bush Tyranny! The End of an ERA ERROR!
Voice your joy with a T-shirt.

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