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American Idol 2012 Reviews, Analysis, & Prediction
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TOPIC: American Idol 2012 Reviews, Analysis, & Prediction
American Idol Top 8 - Reviews/Analysis/Predictions 2 Years ago  
I loved this theme. Found many of the duets better than the individual performances.


Singer: DeAndre Brackensick
Song: "I Like It"
My Take: Not one of the biggest 80s hits but I do like DeBarge but I found it mediocore for tonight. He was better doing the Pointer Sisters (and looked like one of them). Grade B-
Singer: Elise Testone
Song: "I Want To Know What Love Is"
My Take: I thought this would be amazing but it came off like she was trying too hard. Grade C+
Singer: Colton Dixon & Skylar Laine
Song: "Islands in the Stream"
My Take: Enjoyable and what a nice matchup.
Singer: Phillip Phillips
Song: "That's All"
My Take: First time I’ve heard Genesis on Idol and I kinda like PP’s version. The growling is getting a bit much week after week. Grade B
Singer: Hollie Cavanagh & DeAndre Brackensick
Song: "I'm So Excited"
My Take: This was good.
Singer: Joshua Ledet
Song: "If You Don't Know Me By Now"
My Take: I’m not a fan of Idols who choose songs from an era/time that are covers (Simply Red covered this in the 80s). He’s falling into a soul classics trap and his gospel take on performances is polarizing making his chances to advance slimmer. The performance was terrific on its own though. Grade B+
Singer: Jessica Sanchez
Song: "How Will I Know?"
My Take: Daring to do Whitney again but she sung it out. Grade B.
Singer: Elise Testone & Phillip Phillips 
Song: Stop Dragging My Heart Around"
My Take: I got the chills hearing this duet. It was powerful, layered, balanced, and I could have listened to the whole song by them. Terrific!!!
Singer: Hollie Cavanagh
Song: "What a Feeling"
My Take: You know, this song would have been a good song but I think she has the least amount of range among the girls here. I wasn’t feeling it. Grade C+
Singer: Jessica Sanchez & Joshua Ledet
Song: "I Knew You Were Waiting For Me"
My Take: I mean two divas worked it out. Just goes to show you producers are better at picking songs for contestants than themselves.
Singer: Colton Dixon
Song: "Time After Time"
My Take: Finally some artististic choices to perform renditions of songs not known to all of us. Remember how many Idol contestants did this before in the past like Chris Daughtry, David Cook, Kris Allen, and Adam Lambert? Colton shows he is ready for today’s music scene. Grade B
Singer: Skylar Laine
Song: "Wind Beneath My Wings"
My Take: Nice job. I mean she is experienced and it shows. Nice way to take her out of the bottom three from last week. Grade B

This is easy. Hollie, DeAndre, and Elise had the weakest reviews from the judges and sympathy votes matter less now that Simon is gone. Those three get lost in the pack while contestants like Skylar and Joshua who have been on the bottom three redeem themselves with stellar performances which should translate into votes.

Prediction for bottom three are: DeAndre, Elise, and Hollie.

Among the three, all of suffered being in the bottom three in weeks past. I cannot see any chance of a judge’s save here. Maybe Elise but they would save that one-time priviledge for a contestant who would shockingly have the lowest number of votes (Casey Abrams and Michael Lynche). Normally boys would fair the best in surviving but with DeAndre going first tonight and his duet appearing early in the show gives Elise and edge over him especially how terrific Elise was in her duet. Same goes with Hollie in her duet. Hollie should be the one eliminated but I think DeAndre will get the fewest votes. It’s a close call for me between DeAndre and Hollie.

Predicted for elimination: Hollie.
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