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New Video - Beyonce Super Bowl Performance

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Beyonce once again left the haters with their mouths open last night.  Her performance was so hotttt that half of the lights in the place burned out trying to keep up with her shine.  Anypopitlikeitshot, peep the video after the jump.

New Video - Mya - Mr. Incredible

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Mya is still trying to build a lifeboat to get off Irrelevant Island.  Take a look at her newest effort, Mr. Incredible, after the jump.


New Song - Khia - Santa Baby

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khia xmas song

Khia, that My Neck, My Back, chick has released, wait for it....a Christmas song.  I couldn't bring myself to listen to it before Christmas, because you shouldn't soil the baby Jesus' birthday with fuckery, but now that it's the day after, I'm all in.  Take a listen after the jump.

New Video - Sean Paul - Body

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The visuals for Sean Paul's single, Body, is out.  Take a peek after the jump.

New Video - 2 Chainz - I'm Different

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The video for 2 Chainz single, I'm Different, just hit the web.  Check it out after the jump.

The Sexxxtons, Mother-Daughter Porn Duo

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In the porn industry, straight men fantasize about doing two hot sisters, especially twins. Same for gay men doing two hot muscled brothers. Now .... what if it is a mother - daughter tagteam? Crossing the Line? MeThinks - this is way passed crossed and its barely a visible dot on the freaking horizon!

New Music - Fantasia - Lose to Win

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Fantasia took a break from poppin' out babies by other women's husbands to get in the studio to work on new material.  Check out Lose to Win after the jump.

New Video - Alicia Keys - Brand New Me

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Alicia Keys floats the visuals for her next single, Brand New Me.  Take a peek after the jump.

New Video - Rita Ora - Radioactive

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rita ora

Cheap, bottle blond Rihanna knockoff, Rita Ora dropped a new video.  Take a peek after the jump.

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